BusinessEurope statement on Brexit ahead of the European Council meeting on 21-22 March 2019

Brexit day is approaching rapidly and uncertainty is exponentially growing among citizens and businesses

A no-deal scenario is in nobody's interest and must be clearly and urgently ruled out. A withdrawal agreement including a transition period remains the only option to allow for a smooth exit.

However, time is running out, even for ratification. BusinessEurope therefore clearly supports an extension on the basis of Art. 50 paragraph 3 and urges both sides to do the necessary. The extension should be limited in time not to perpetuate uncertainty for companies, especially SMEs, but long enough to allow for an orderly exit and a smooth transition to the future EU-UK relation. Furthermore, the extension must not jeopardize the functioning of the European institutions.

In this regard, the business community urges the UK government to come up swiftly with a workable proposal on the way forward.

Source: BusinessEurope